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Dominion Power Names Strata EPC for FOUR 20MW Projects with Dominion Power and

Posted by: Maggie Mae | November 18, 2016

Richmond-based utility company Dominion Resources Inc. said Thursday that one of its subsidiaries is adding solar energy production in five Virginia counties through a partnership with online retailer The 180 megawatts of solar generating capacity will supply Amazon Web Services Inc., or AWS. Read the full story!

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skytron Announces Improvements to its Solar Fleet Monitoring Platform

Posted by: Maggie Mae | September 15, 2016

skytron energy, a long-time supplier of monitoring tools for Strata Solar’s portfolio of solar farms, has made improvements to its PV Guard Supervision Platform. “Focusing on fleet management, the new version will allow system owners and operators to monitor the technical performance of all PV power plants, inverters and alarms across their entire fleet in […]

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Safety Culture at Strata Saves a Life

Posted by: Maggie Mae | August 23, 2016

Everyone at Strata knows, safety comes first. This week presented a vivid reminder of the importance of emergency training and preparedness when two of Strata’s valued employees, Brad Lookadoo and Tim Williams, rose to the occasion and performed CPR on a team member who was suffering a heart attack on a job site. Their CPR training and cool-headed response […]

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Strata’s Interns Soak Up the Knowledge

Posted by: Maggie Mae | August 2, 2016

Strata’s summer crop of interns has been spending time in every department throughout the company, making each experience very unique. To learn what they’ve been up to this summer, we spotlighted Louis “Cuffie” Winkler, a joint MBA-MEM candidate at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School and Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment. Winkler has been working in […]

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Food Lion, Strata Solar, Local Boy Scouts Earn Sustainability Merit Badges

Posted by: Maggie Mae | July 20, 2016

(Chapel Hill, N.C.) It was not just another Saturday for the Boy Scouts from Troop #317 in Salisbury, N.C., where they gathered with sustainability representatives from Food Lion and Strata Solar to earn credits toward their sustainability merit badge. The day was packed with learning about preventing food waste, recycling programs, carbon reduction and sustainable […]

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Welcome the First Graduating Class of Solar Ready Vets in North Carolina

Posted by: Maggie Mae | July 14, 2016

(Chapel Hill, NC) Ever since the Solar Ready Vets program announced that Fort Bragg, N.C. was on the list of military bases to participate in its pilot program, Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) has embraced the opportunity to offer, at no cost, training for those transitioning out of active duty that prepares them for careers […]

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North Carolina’s Frenetic Pace of Solar

Posted by: Maggie Mae | June 21, 2016

The Growth of Solar in NC Strata Solar was happy to host John Murawski from the News & Observer for a tour of our Monitoring Operations Center where we gather real-time data from all of our solar projects. It’s always a pleasure to engage the community and share what we’ve learned since designing, building and […]

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Inside the People-Powered Movement for 100% Solar Schools

Posted by: Maggie Mae | May 20, 2016

Just last year in Durham, two schools added solar to their campuses, including on the roof of the Southern School of Energy & Sustainability’s new outdoor classroom. To maximize energy savings and to get hands-on training with solar power, students worked with specialists to install four solar panels on the classroom’s bright red tin roof. […]

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Mississippi and Alabama approve utility-scale solar projects

Posted by: Rachel McMahan | November 16, 2015

Mississippi has approved 105 MW of utility-scale PV as the latest state in the U.S. Deep South to do so, and Alabama has given the go-ahead for another 21 MW. The Deep South has long lagged behind other regions in the United States in the development of solar markets. Even while neighboring states such as […]

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Tim White: Ideologues punish renewable energy’s success

Posted by: bschooff | September 22, 2015

The very day North Carolina legislative leaders released their 11-weeks-late budget, a headline in The Wall Street Journal proclaimed that, “Renewable Energy’s Potential May Be Understated.” The irony is contained in what’s not in the budget: a continuation of the state’s renewable-energy tax credit. Until now, North Carolina has been a national leader in adopting […]

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