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Why Make Your Company A Solar Company?


We live in an age of the educated consumer.   We price compare, we read copious consumer reviews, we follow the ‘like’ buttons toward a purchase; we make very specific choices about where we spend our pay check.

Our commercial clients have made the positive decision to choose solar energy to offset their energy costs and to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to a better environment – a commitment that extends to their customers welfare.  In many cases we’ve seen that commitment returned.  Customers have become more brand loyal, have told more friends and family about the business, and have even chosen to shop at these establishments more often because of this energy choice.

Consumers have stepped out of the fog of habitual spending.  They want their consumer choices and the influence of their personal economy to be meaningful.  Making a choice for solar energy embraces this philosophy in the biggest way imaginable – a solid step towards clean, renewable, energy independence.

Some things to consider:

· Solar Energy is an excellent long-term financial and environmental investment that yields a very good return on investment – up to 40%. Not only will your company’s energy costs decrease immediately, the federal and state monetary incentives are tremendous and the entire project will pay for itself in just a few years. No other long term investment offers comparable returns with virtually no risk.

· Investing in Solar Energy demonstrates a real commitment to sustainability which equals a commitment to your employees. It shows that your company is financially strong and plans on being in business a long time.

· It also demonstrates a true commitment to the environment which will please your community, your customers and your potential customers. Solar Energy is the cleanest and most sustainable source of energy available in the world. There is no fuel and no emissions, and the average Solar Energy system is equivalent to planting 39 trees per year.

· It will create very positive PR for your company not only through the media but also with people who see your building(s) and can immediately see how environmentally responsible you are. Customers, government officials and investors will take notice.· With rising energy costs, Solar Energy will protect you financially for years to come. Energy rates have been steadily increasing 5-10% over the last 15 years or so.

Solar energy is free.