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Inside the People-Powered Movement for 100% Solar Schools

Posted by: Maggie Mae | May 20, 2016

Just last year in Durham, two schools added solar to their campuses, including on the roof of the Southern School of Energy & Sustainability’s new outdoor classroom. To maximize energy savings and to get hands-on training with solar power, students worked with specialists to install four solar panels on the classroom’s bright red tin roof. […]

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Mississippi and Alabama approve utility-scale solar projects

Posted by: Rachel McMahan | November 16, 2015

Mississippi has approved 105 MW of utility-scale PV as the latest state in the U.S. Deep South to do so, and Alabama has given the go-ahead for another 21 MW. The Deep South has long lagged behind other regions in the United States in the development of solar markets. Even while neighboring states such as […]

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Posted by: Rachel McMahan |

Chapel Hill, N.C. – The Mississippi Public Service Commission approved the largest solar installations in Mississippi on Tuesday, Nov. 10, making Mississippi Power the largest partner in renewable energy in the state. Strata Solar is collaborating with Mississippi Power and the U.S. Navy to build a 450-acre 50-MW solar project in Hattiesburg. “This cost-effective, utility-scale […]

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Posted by: Rachel McMahan | November 11, 2015

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.—Strata Solar will soon begin installation of the first utility-scale solar projects for Alabama Power at the Anniston Army Depot and Fort Rucker Army Base. The Alabama Public Service Commission gave its approval for Alabama Power to build a 10.6 MW AC solar facility at Anniston Army Depot and a 10.6 MW AC […]

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Tim White: Ideologues punish renewable energy’s success

Posted by: bschooff | September 22, 2015

The very day North Carolina legislative leaders released their 11-weeks-late budget, a headline in The Wall Street Journal proclaimed that, “Renewable Energy’s Potential May Be Understated.” The irony is contained in what’s not in the budget: a continuation of the state’s renewable-energy tax credit. Until now, North Carolina has been a national leader in adopting […]

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Which is Cheaper–Rooftop Solar or Utility-Scale Solar?

Posted by: Rachel McMahan | August 6, 2015

The Brattle Group,with support from the EdisonElectric Institute, just released a study concluding that utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in the United States are more cost effective than residential-scale (rooftop) PV systems in achieving the economic and policy benefits we all expect to come from the widespread use of solar energy. But it may not […]

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Strata Solar LLC hosts job fair in Columbus

Posted by: Rachel McMahan | August 3, 2015

UMBUS, GA (WTVM) –Area job seekers, listen up! A southeastern solar company will be hosting two job fairs on Wednesday, July 28 and Thursday, July 29 seeking hundreds of permanent employees. North Carolina based Strata Solar is seeking 400 full-time permanent labor employees. The business builds build utility scale solar farms up and down the […]

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Strata Solar continues search for 200 new workers with job fair

Posted by: Rachel McMahan | July 30, 2015

See Dominic Kolleh, Strata Solar Recruiting Manager, discuss what positions we are looking for at the job fairs in Columbus, Georgia.

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Strata Solar Job Fair

Posted by: Rachel McMahan |

Brian O’Hara, SVP of Strategy and Government Affairs, and Rachel McMahan, public relations intern, announce Strata Solar job fairs in Dunn and Jacksonville on My Carolina Today.

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Georgia Job Fairs in July

Posted by: Rachel McMahan | July 28, 2015

Strata Solar is holding four job fairs in Georgia the week of July 27 to fill positions for a new project in Butler. The fairs will be held at three locations: Atlanta, Columbus and Fort Benning Base. Click the flyers below for more information. To see a listing of open positions at Strata Solar, visit our […]

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