Our Mission: New Jobs

—  “We are very proud of the jobs we are creating.” Markus Wilhelm, CEO, Strata Solar.   —


Strata believes in creating local jobs for local projects. 


During the past years of  business activity, Strata has been Developing projects in regional clusters throughout the region.  These clusters of projects allow us to hire local to our projects and offer long term employment as staff move from one project to the next.  Strata Solar tripled its workforce in 2013 with main goals to hire and train a regional / local workforce for long-term employment in a burgeoning field.

This is the outcome:

  • 400 staff in Southeastern cluster (Robeson, Bladen, Columbus)
  • 300 staff in Western cluster (Catawba, Cleveland, Davie)
  • 300 staff in Northern cluster (Warren, Rockingham, Person)
  • 200 staff in Eastern cluster (Nash, Wilson)
In total- 1200 jobs.

September 6, 2012 —

Strata Solar hires 170 new staff to begin work on a new group of utility scale solar projects totalling over 38 MW in western North Carolina

Meet Some Of Our Staff


We work very closely with local employment and economic development offices where our major projects are built and we hire and train individuals for a secure future in solar development.  Our strategy is to build our utility scale projects in regional ‘clusters’ so that our teams move from one job to the next creating sustainable long term job growth.

One of the employment groups we work very closely with is the National Youth Chamber of Commerce who strive to find employment for 18 – 24 year old’s throughout the state of North Carolina.  We have pledged to bring work to over 100 of these young men per year for the next three years, and we’ve already beat our mark for 2012.

Click here if you’d like to read more about Strata’s partnership with the NYCC.

Big Thanks to all our employees from the Maxton & South Robeson jobs!