Mt. Olive / 6.8 MW

Mount Olive, Wayne County, NC
Fade Fade

Project Size

6.8 MW

Cars Removed


Homes Powered


CO2 Displaced

5,397 Tons

Type: Photovoltaic

Number of Modules: 75,000

Developer: Strata Solar

Project Overview:

Mt. Olive Solar Farm generates 10,050 mWh of electricity every year using only the energy collected from sunlight.


This utility scale project provides clean, locally generated electricity to more than 777 homes in Wayne County and has an operating life of over 30 years.


Strata builds all of its projects with a focus on the three pillars of sustainable business: social, fiscal, and environmental sustainability. Throughout the Mt. Olive project, we have created jobs and injected capital into the community.


We have built an emissions free facility that will offset thousands of tons of CO2 per year in a silent, practical manner.


We are excited to share with you the 6.8 MW Mt. Olive Farm.

Project Benefits


The Mt. Olive Solar Farm produces approximately 10,050 mWh of electricity a year, which is the same amount of energy used by 777 average homes in North Carolina.

Project Construction

Construction took 14 weeks, beginning in July 2014 and finishing in December 2014. Mt. Olive is part of Strata Solar’s Southeastern cluster of solar farms and was built by a crew of over 80 local contractors.

Economic Impact

Over $260,000 in direct expenditures in Wayne County for wages, lodging and supplies. Increase in the property tax base of Wayne County of approximately $13 million with no requirement for additional school, sewers roads, or other county services.

Environmental Impact

No emission, no noise, no traffic associated with the operation of the solar farm. Each year, the solar farm will offset approximately 5,397 tons of CO2.

Project Timeline:

April - May 2014 Planning


June 2014 Permitting


July- December 2014 Construction


2014 - 2044 Operation