Why Solar?

Why Solar?

Strata Solar is one of the top solar providers in America.  We are committed to the concept of fostering sustainable energy while providing a sharp focus on your bottom line.

Strata Solar provides complete solar energy systems and installations for Utility, Government, Commercial and purposes.  The components in our systems come from the best manufacturers in the solar industry, including Schletter, SMA, REC and Canadian Solar. This allows for seamless integration of all systems we build and install – and makes upgrades efficient and cost effective. Every one of the components Strata Solar implements in each system we design and install are optimized to provide our customers industry leading performance and reliability.

Strata Solar is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality, service and support in the industry. Our dedicated team of professionals works with you and your staff through every stage of your project. We provide your company support for the lifetime of your system.

As importantly, we understand that each of our clients’ projects is unique, so to deliver on our promise of uncompromising service, the following guidelines are employed:

1. Needs Assessment

In our initial meeting, Strata Solar’s #1 goal is to completely understand your reasons for implementing solar so we can design, build and install the ideal system to fully accomplish the needs of your company. We explain the different system options and how they work including the pros and cons of each as they pertain to your mission. We make absolutely sure that you and your staff know the costs and financial benefits of investing in a Solar Energy system.

2. Managing Your Project

Your company will be assigned a Project Manager whose main responsibility is to communicate and coordinate with you and your staff through every step of the process. He/she is your “point person,” a liaison to you and every one of our teams involved in your project.

3. Site Evaluation/Feasibility Study

We then perform a detailed site evaluation to determine all design possibilities and limitations, and provide you with a thorough proposal. That proposal will include a structural analysis to assess the limitations of your roof and other parts of your building(s) as well as a shading/solar simulation analysis to determine where your energy-saving system will ensure the maximum productivity. In some cases we may choose to conduct a feasibility study if it is determined, with your input, an initial phase of engineering and design is required or advantageous before committing to the project.

4. Custom Designed Solar System

Strata Solar’s experienced in-house engineering team then custom designs your Solar Energy system based on the unique layout of your company’s building(s) and property. Our team generates a complete set of mechanical and electrical drawings to submit for permitting. These will guarantee the installation is efficient and the system is supremely productive. In most cases, we will also produce a 3-D rendering of the project which helps with the design and installation, and also demonstrates the entire process to you and your staff, giving you a much better understanding of the project.

5. Expert Installation

Strata Solar’s professional installation team has extensive experience and is committed to building your company’s system to exceptional high standards of workmanship and safety.  We also have employees who are NABCEP-certified who oversee the installation and design. Our systems are fully integrated and use only high quality components. This is very important as it allows us to seamlessly combine products from different manufacturers, ensuring your system has the exact and best components for the project.

6. Monitoring

For most commercial projects, we set up a monitoring system so that both you and we can constantly keep track of how your system is performing. The monitoring system gives us instant access, allowing us to immediately assess your Solar Energy system and alert us of any performance issues. Strata Solar does offer long-term agreements to perform monitoring for the life of your system.

7. Maintenance

Solar energy systems are very low maintenance, but periodic cleaning and maintenance tasks are recommended to ensure optimal performance. The initial two-year maintenance plan is included in the cost of your project. Beyond that we do offer long-term agreements to perform maintenance for the life of your system.


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