We Make Solar Work

At Strata, we are proud to be transforming the solar industry through collaborative partnerships that allow us to develop, build and operate successful projects nationwide. Much of our success comes from our ability to identify market opportunities and execute quickly and efficiently, with quality results.

We are constantly improving our methods to reduce costs and improve energy production. Our commitment to safety, quality and long-term performance is what drives us, and our customers put their trust in us knowing that we will deliver on our promise, every time.

Our visionary business model gives us a bankable edge

Strata’s deep and diverse experience has evolved the company into a group of specialized businesses that focus on the unique needs of different stages of a renewable energy project. Strata Clean Energy Development, Strata Clean Energy Storage and Strata Clean Energy Services all work to support Strata’s overall vision to develop, build and operate best-in-class energy facilities.

Together, Strata's businesses can offer turnkey financing, Development, EPC, O&M and Energy Storage services for a wide variety of utility and corporate customers. We also curate custom solutions for customers which provides much desired flexibility and allows us to stay competitive in the market.

We’ve been mastering the art of making solar work for our partners since 2008, and together, we’ll continue to find ways to make clean energy solutions a reality for more customers in more markets.

We've earned the trust of our partners and the communities we serve because our core values are evident in everything we do.

Core Values: Drivers of Success


Safety is at the core of every project. Each department demonstrates a commitment to ensuring all personnel operate in safe workplaces that prevent accidents and physical harm. Our safety protocol are constantly enhanced to incorporate best practices to maintain a low incident rate and keep our people safe. 

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Our customers view us as strategic, long-term partners. They expect a certain level of excellence which inspires us to continually improve our company year after year, project after project.

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Our First Time Right program demonstrates our commitment to quality at every stage of a project. With solar projects growing in size, we want to minimize any margin for error. Rigorous training and quality control maximize efficiencies, minimizes costs and builds customer confidence.

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Our most important asset is our people. Strata Solar is proud to have a dedicated team of professionals who routinely exceed our customers’ expectations. Not only do we invest in safety and skills training to give our team every competitive advantage, we invest in community. We hire locally creating sustainable jobs in the communities where we work.

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Clear, proactive communication and total transparency with our customers during all aspects of a project’s development, construction and operation is the cornerstone to fostering an atmosphere of mutual trust and partnership.

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Environmental Responsibility

We are building for a sustainable future, and it’s our responsibility to be stewards of the environment. Planting for healthy wildlife habitats, mitigating erosion and minimizing waste are integral to our mission of delivery long-term, sustainable power.

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Strata has delivered successful projects for even the most demanding customers without faltering on our ability to meet production timelines and key project milestones. Despite challenges with weather, site conditions or local recruitment efforts, our focus on schedule and cycle time reduction allow us to reduce the delivery time of our projects year after year.

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Strata’s mission is to deliver value to our customers, communities, and future generations by creating new opportunities for clean energy.