Full-service solutions for commercial and utility customers

Vertical Integration Powers the Possibilities

Strata Clean Energy is uniquely structured with deep and diverse expertise in each of the value chain functions, minimizing our reliance on outsourcing. Our experience is what makes us different.

Unlike some of its competitors, Strata is not dependent on any one market, which gives us the financial stability to weather inevitable market changes and uncertainties. And because we offer the full breadth of Development, EPC, O&M and Energy Storage services either a-la-carte or as part of a turnkey project, we have the ability to see long-term and work toward achieving long-term success.

Our visionary business model gives us a bankable edge

A Reputation Built on Experience

Strata's reputation for transforming the solar market sets us apart from other providers because we’ve learned what works - and what doesn't - introducing continuous improvements to better deliver on our commitments.

Our approach to providing scalable, long-term solar and battery storage solutions is driven by customizing each project to meet the specific financial and performance requirements each project commands.

Our teams work closely with you as partners, managing the specific details of each project as it moves from one phase to another. Whether you're a developer looking for industry-leading EPC services, or if you're a long-term asset owner looking for O&M services, Strata will make clean energy work for you.

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