Strata has transformed the utility-scale solar development model

When Experience Matters

Our expert project development team has successfully designed, constructed and commissioned more utility-scale projects than anybody else. With roughly 170 utility-scale projects completed to date, we oversee the entire process, from site studies and lease agreements to zoning and permitting, working with landowners and local communities to educate and inform them of the benefits of solar.

Our projects create tax income in local communities, creating local jobs while building long-term sustainable sources of clean energy. We know how utilities work, let us put that experience to work for you.

Development for a Renewable Future

Developing solar projects means farmers can keep their family land, while creating a new source of revenue and energy security for the entire community. And area residents can be proud of the fact that they are building for future generations by providing long-term stability that comes with ‘going solar.’

At Strata, we recognize that solar is still a new concept to many local communities, which is why we strive to provide total transparency throughout the development process, to demonstrate how our projects provide long-term value, environmental benefits and financial stability for generations to come.

We apply a 'boots on the ground' approach that allows us to get immersed in the communities we serve, to be available during planning meetings and the entire development process, to answer questions and provide information about a specific project.

Best-in-Class Solutions from Strata Clean Energy Development

  • Zoning and permitting
  • Environmental site studies
  • Land use applications and agreements
  • Interconnection agreements
  • Renewable program applications and contracting
  • Local community outreach to present project and answer questions
  • Dedicated environmental team focused on visual buffers and eco-friendly planting practices

Before the first construction activities begin, our development team has spent months preparing the project, working with local communities to address questions and make sure that all environmental considerations have been made. We know how important clean energy is, not only for the environment, but also for businesses and communities to thrive economically. And we've worked hard to create the best there is in the utility scale market. 

A Scalable Approach to Development

Strata Solar Development Strata's success in developing the most utility and commercial solar projects comes from the ability to recognize opportunities in the market. We pioneered the solar market in North Carolina, propelling the state to #2 in the country for installed solar. Now we’re taking that experience into markets across the country, using what we’ve learned to scale our efforts, without compromising the quality or performance of the final product.

Strata Clean Energy Development is proud of making solar work for utilities, investment partners and landowners, transforming the way we bring more solar to more communities nationwide.

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