Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Building for Long-Term Ownership

Our deep in-house construction experience means we can always deliver on our safety, quality and production commitments for utility and commercial customers. Just as we do for our own projects, Strata provides engineering, procurement and construction (“EPC”) services for our partners and customers. We work directly with third-party developers and system owners, such as investors or utilities, making solar work for all of our partners.


  • Strata Clean Energy demands excellence in its engineering and plant design, ensuring safety, quality, performance and reliability are always a priority.

  • Our team of expert civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers work together to ensure optimal design and construction efficiency across multiple sites.

  • Our design specifications such as grading and foundation design adhere to standards put forth by the National Electric Safety Code (NESC) for power generation and transmission facilities and the National Electric Code (NEC) for non-power generation and non-transmission facilities.

  • We provide full transparency throughout the engineering phase, allowing commercial and utility partners to stay informed via daily and weekly reporting that track project schedules.


  • Strata Clean Energy invests millions annually in the quality control of its system components, which includes 100% QA inspection of all modules by industry leader Clean Energy Associates.
  • We are transforming the solar supply chain, bringing the latest innovations in technology from world-class suppliers to our customers.
  • Strata’s relationships with its suppliers have been built on years of trust and transparency unrivaled in the industry. This enables us to procure materials from Tier 1 manufacturers who share a commitment toward quality and rigorous testing.
  • By partnering with the market’s leading manufacturers, we secure the highest-quality materials for our entire project pipeline, while eliminating change orders and unexpected budgetary challenges.


  • Strata’s safety-first mindset means that all construction activities are held to the highest safety standards without compromising quality or production.

  • We apply a military-style approach to construction, mobilizing highly-skilled teams throughout a site in an assembly-line fashion, which allows different teams to complete different stages while collectively advancing the project together. This same approach is replicated across all of our sites, which allows us to complete multiple projects at a time, all across the country.

  • Our dedicated talent acquisition team proudly recruits, trains and employs local construction workforces for each of our projects.

  • Our ‘First Time Right’ quality training program demonstrates our commitment to quality at every stage of a project. Workers do not advance on a site until they’re able to successfully complete First Time Right training.

We like to say we’ve earned our watts the hard way, which means we’ve learned from our experience as pioneers in an ever changing industry. 

EPC Services