Fuquay Farm / 6.4MW

Fuquay-Varina, Wake County, NC
Fade Fade

Project Size

6.4 MW

Cars Removed


Homes Powered


CO2 Displaced

5,155 Tons

Type: Photovoltaic

Number of Modules: 26,640

Developer: Strata Solar

Project Overview:

Fuquay is a beautiful site. There’s a  gorgeous rolling terrain with forests, swamps, grasslands, and several ponds within sight of our farm.  Rolling terrain on sites like these always demand design alterations. At Fuquay, we  redesigned some of the overhead line work due to  varying clearances to ground.  This was recognized early on by our site superintendent, and design changes were implemented before the work began saving costly reworking.   Wildlife like deer and raccoons were spotted throughout construction – they were very curious and not at all shy.  It is one of  the most picturesque of the sites we’ve built to date.  Bucolic nature hosting and contrasted by modern renewable energy makes a very pretty picture.


This was a winter construction site in North Carolina – that means plenty of ice.  During the coldest days the site would be entirely frozen.  Frozen terrain is actually desirable compared to a thawed site.  Everyone is far more willing to suffer the cold, if it meant there isn’t ankle deep mud to work in.  Several times module installation had to be delayed, because the ice was too thick on the racking to get a proper fit and torque.  The logging mat lay down yard and roadways were ice rinks after storms.  It was a challenge, but we met our build schedule with plenty of days to spare.


In short, this Wake County site was a pleasure to build.  The County Building Inspection teams, as well as the Water Quality agents were all accommodating and helpful in keeping us compliant with Wake County and NC State Standards. Our knowledge of the codes and standards was appreciated by these agencies.  As with many sites, we conducted tours for the local Fire Department and Fire Marshalls, to familiarize them with the complexities of our sites and discuss fire-fighting options.


Another job done on budget and on time.


Strata Solar


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Project Benefits


Fuquay Farm produces approximately 9,600 MWh of electricity a year, which is the same amount of energy used by 750 average homes in North Carolina.

Project Construction

Construction took approximately 14 weeks, beginning in January, 2013 and finishing in March. Strata Solar worked very closely with local officials to hire 80 installers from the local communities for the project.

Economic Impact

Over $250,000 in direct expenditures in Wake County for wages, lodging and supplies. Increase in the property tax base of Wake County of approximately $12 million with no requirement for additional school, sewers roads, or other county services.

Environmental Impact

No emission, no noise, no traffic associated with the operation of the solar farm. Each year, the solar farm will offset approximately 5155 tons of CO2 which is the same as reducing automobile travel by 8 million miles.

Project Location

Project Timeline:

October, 2012 - November, 2012 Planning


December, 2012 Permitting


January, 2013 - March, 2013 Construction


2013-2043 Operation